Issue 18 (Summer 2008)Issues

Romantic Textualities: Literature and Print Culture, 1780–1840 [ISSN 1748-0116]


x Richard J. Hill (Hawaii)
Scott, Hogg, and the Gift-Book Editors: Authorship in the Face of Industrial Production Download as a PDF
  x Markus Poetzsch (Wilfred Laurier)
From Eco-Politics to Apocalypse The Contentious Rhetoric of Eighteenth-Century Landscape Gardening Download as a PDF
  x John Pruitt (Wisconsin–Rock County)
Collecting the National Drama in Revolutionary England Download as a PDF

x Don Shelton
Sir Anthony Carlisle and Mrs Carver Download as a PDF

x Peter Garside (Edinburgh), with Sharon Ragaz, Anthony Mandal, and Jacqueline Belanger
The English Novel, 1800–1829 & 1830–1836: Update 6 (August 2005–August 2009)Download as a PDF

x Andrew Radford and Mark Sandy (eds), Romantic Echoes in the Victorian Era (Ashgate, 2008)
rev. by Ceri Hunter, University of OxfordDownload as a PDF

x Walter Scott, Peveril of the Peak, edited by Alison Lumsden (EUP/Columbia University Press, 2007)
rev. by Porscha Fermanis, University College DublinDownload as a PDF

x Walter Scott,The Siege of Malta and Bizarro, edited by J. H. Alexander, Judy King, and Graham Tulloch (EUP/Columbia University Press, 2008)
rev. by Porscha Fermanis, University College DublinDownload as a PDF

x Peter Simonsen, Wordsworth and the Word-Preserving Arts: Typographic Inscription, Ekphrasis and Posterity in the Later Work (Palgrave Macmillan, 2007)
rev. by Gavin Edwards, University of GlamorganDownload as a PDF

x Nicola J. Watson, The Literary Tourist: Readers and Places in Romantic & Victorian Britain (Palgrave Macmillan, 2006)
rev. by Benjamin Colbert, University of WolverhamptonDownload as a PDF

x Edoardo Zuccato, Petrarch in Romantic England (Palgrave Macmillan, 2008)
rev. by Maria Paola Svampa, University of ColumbiaDownload as a PDF
  x Click here to see the list of Books Received, as of the present issue.





















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