Issue 16 (Winter 2005)Issues

Romantic Textualities: Literature and Print Culture, 1780–1840 [ISSN 1748-0116]


x Janette Currie (University of Stirling)
Re-Visioning James Hogg: The Return of the Subject to Wordsworth’s ‘Extempore Effusion’ Download as a PDF
  x Bianca Falbo (Lafayette College)
Henry Reed and William Wordsworth: An Editor–Author Relationship and the Production of British Romantic Discourse Download as a PDF
  x Derek Furr (Bard College)
The Perfect Match: Wordsworth’s ‘The Triad’ and Coleridge’s ‘Garden of Boccacio’ in Context Download as a PDF

x Patricia Comitini, Vocational Philanthropy and British Women’s Writing, 1790–1810: Wollstonecraft, More, Edgeworth, Wordsworth (Ashgate, 2005)
rev. by Tim Killick, Cardiff University Download as a PDF

x David Higgins, Romantic Genius and the Literary Magazine: Biography, Celebrity, Politics (Routledge, 2005)
rev. by Tom Mole, McGill University Download as a PDF

x Mark Sandy, Poetics of Self and Form in Keats and Shelley (Ashgate, 2005)
rev. by David Higgins, University College ChesterDownload as a PDF











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